Customer Check-in with ACME
Tuesday, February 3,  2:30pm - 3:30pm
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Claire Smith
Customer Success Manager
Great meeting with the ACME team - they had some good points and are progressing well. A few action items to deliver on:
  • @support
    we've scheduled a guided team onboarding for them on Tuesday
  • @design
    FYI - they had trouble adding elements in the template editor
  • @engineering
    they're asking for API support. Possible?
They loved our deck and were excited about the opportunity to work together.
#newcustomerWell done team!
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Ben Greve
Lead Engineer
Our API docs are almost ready. We can go live next week!
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Add Trello Card:
Finalize API docs
Works wonders with
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The Shortest Distance from Insight to Action

Every day, our teammates were speaking to customers, gathering valuable insights about our business. These insights were critical to our Product, Engineering and Marketing teams but the information was buried in notebooks, our CRM and email exchanges.

It didn't seem right that it's easier for the team to be disconnected from customer insights, than it is to stay connected.

So we built Hugo, to make it easy for teams to share their meeting notes, move faster and be more responsive to their customers.
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Hugo's Three Simple Steps Flowchart

Three Simple Steps



Connect Hugo to your calendar and Hugo will prompt you to save a meeting note at the right time.



Use a template, @mention teammates and #tag your notes to get the most value out of your meeting insights.



By connecting to all your favorite apps, a single Hugo note can share your insights with the team via Slack, log an activity in your CRM and add a feature request to the backlog.

Stop Losing Team Knowledge

How many times has someone on your team met with a customer this week? How many people know what happened and what came out of it?

Create a free account and invite your team to get your business closer to your customer today.
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Hugo enables our global team to be on the same page and focused on what matters to our clients & business.
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We've tightened the feedback loop and coordination between our customer-facing and product teams.
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With Hugo our teams can attend less meetings while moving faster, together.
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Move Faster. Make Better Decisions.

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