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A tool for better meetings through centralized, actionable notes – connected to your work apps
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Link notes to meetings in Google and Office 365
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Multi-user note editing in real-time
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Send notes and tasks to 20+ popular apps
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Automatically organized

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Share notes and get reminders

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Does your calendar stress you out?


Meetings drag on and on. No one is prepared. You take notes where it's convenient, but good luck finding those later. It’s hard to remember what happened, what was decided, and who's responsible. If you work remotely, it's even more stressful.
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With Hugo, you're prepared. Notes are centralized & organized using your calendar data. Action items are assigned and synced with your work apps. Find any meeting note in seconds... Finally, you have that “little universe” where everything about the meeting lives: before, during, and after.
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Connect your meetings with your work tools

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The calendar integration and templates are huge for me . . . In a meeting-driven world, it has been transformative to have everything so easily documented and searchable.
Nick Valuri
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Take 3 minutes. See how Hugo works.

Unite your meeting notes with the tools you use most

With #tagging, @mentions, and 20+ integrations, you can instantly sync info and create tasks from any meeting note. (No more copying/pasting.)
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The Slack integration is really slick. We set up a dedicated channel and off it went, even syncing comment threads between the two. Now everybody sees the meeting notes.
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Chris Batdorf

Stay organized. Show up prepared

Agenda templates and timely reminders help you build better meeting habits without much effort.
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For the meeting itself — the actual oomph is in the notes. It's an alignment moment even before the meeting starts.
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Tasha Gideon

Shared meeting notes, with privacy built-in

Build a strong culture of shared note-taking on your team. Collaborate on meetings with customers and colleagues. Hugo offers sharing and security options for every kind of meeting, inside and out.
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Everyone can contribute to the agenda ahead of time, collaborate live during the meeting, post in Slack, create tasks, and send a link to the notes for the customer too – without leaving Hugo.
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Thom Swanson
Balti Virtual

Find any note, decision, or task in seconds

Hugo auto-organizes your notes by attendees, companies, and meeting details so you don’t have to. Search notes using multiple variables to find exactly what you need.
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Hugo helps me daily. When someone asks me something like ‘I can’t remember but did we make a decision to do x a few weeks ago?’ I can just search my meeting notes to find the answer in less than 30 seconds.
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Tom Wells
Unique X
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Cross-functional teams trust Hugo with their meeting workflow

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Hugo has been a Godsend for us . . . it's so easy to review past notes for specific customers and transition accounts seamlessly.
Scott Manning
Customer Success at VMware

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