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Take the #10PercentMeetingChallenge. Trim one week’s worth of meetings to the bare minimum

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The 10% Meeting Challenge was created by Hugo to help organizations have fewer, shorter, and better meetings. This campaign challenges individuals and organizations to test out 1 week with no more than four hours of internal meetings.

How to participate

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Choose a week

Find a week to cut your internal meetings down to just 4 hours (or 10% of a 40-hour workweek).
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Post a photo

Share a screenshot of your calendar to LinkedIn or Twitter. Feel free to cross out or blur the text.
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Tag 3 (or more) others to take the challenge.

What’s happening with the
#10Percent Meeting Challenge

Challenge FAQs

What was the inspiration for this challenge?

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work. Burnout, Zoom fatigue and blurring lines between career and life have left workers disoriented and stressed. 

When the pandemic hit, Hugo transitioned to an all-remote team with little friction. How? The Four Hour Meeting Week. This initiative has greatly impacted the well-being of our team and the culture of our organization, so we wanted to find a way to share this with the rest of the world.

At Hugo, we love meetings and believe they are critical to the success of almost any organization. Too often though, time in meetings isn’t treated as the valuable asset that it is. Overbooked calendars impair the functioning of organizations, preventing team members from being able to focus on deep, productive work. This challenge hopes to shine a light on this issue and help organizations change.

Are there people who really only have 4 hours of meetings a week?

Yes, this challenge was inspired by our internal 10 Percent Rule at Hugo. Read about how and why, despite making software for better meetings, we have only a 4 Hour Meeting Week.

Am I still allowed to meet with customers and sales prospects?

Of course. This challenge is to make internal meetings matter. It’s not to cut you off from doing your job.

If you’re in sales, support, customer success, or any other department that needs to meet with other people and teams, keep doing your job. It’s with your own team, your direct reports, your bosses.

What are some ways to communicate with my team without having a meeting?

Of course, a meeting can be replaced with an email, a chat thread (in Slack or Teams), or even just sharing a document.

At Hugo, one of our favorite ways to communicate asynchronously is by recording a Loom video. It doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty—just a quick 2-5 minute screenshare explaining your update and what you need feedback on. People can then respond with bullet points, or with a video of their own.

What if I nominate someone and they don’t want more time for focused work and fewer meetings?

That’s okay. Not everyone will be able to participate. Even if they don’t, you’ll probably get them to think more critically about adding something to their calendar.

Can I do the challenge even if I’m not on Twitter or LinkedIn?

Sure! We do this in public because research shows that having accountability to others dramatically improves your chances of success. If you’re not on social media, just tell someone what you’re doing.

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