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The team hub for connected meeting notes

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Drive a culture of transparency

From your meeting notes, Hugo enables you to break down silos and bring everyone into the conversation - whether or not they were in the room during the meeting!
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Optimize meeting workflows

Hugo integrates your team's tools with your meeting notes. In one click you can translate meeting insights into Engineering bugs, Support tickets and Marketing tasks. And, as for your CRM and all your other workflow apps, Hugo will keep them in sync too.
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Centralize your team's knowledge

One place for everyone's meeting insights, actions and trends arms you with the collective know-how you need to succeed.
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Built for fast-moving, cross-functional teams

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Most meetings create drag on teamwork - you shouldn't have to be in the room to be involved.

Hugo powers collaboration by making meeting insights shareable and actionable across teams - perfect for fast-moving companies.
Meeting notes from QBR with Google
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Wednesday, August 17, 11.00am - 11.30am
General NotesI had a great meeting with the Google team - they had some good points and are progressing well. I think they'll renew and increase their usage of the product!
TakeawaysThere were a few takeaways we should be aware of:
  • @design
    FYI - Google had trouble with the new template editor
  • @engineering
    they're asking for API support.
Well done team! 
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Team of 3 or 300? You're in good company

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When Atlassian teams use Hugo, they are more connected to each other and their customers.
Atlassian Developer Blog
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Hugo is the secret to building an aligned, customer-centric team...
Rajiv Ramanan
Director of Marketplace
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Forget meeting minutes. Hugo enables our global team to be on the same page and focused on what matters to our business.
Brad Lindenberg
Chief Strategy Officer
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We've tightened the feedback loop between our customer-facing and product teams. Hugo is our secret to an engaged, customer-centric team.
Alistair Michener
Founder and CEO
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