2018 Customer Success Benchmarking Series
Alignment, Communication and Effectiveness Survey

What is the Customer Success Benchmarking Series?
One of the major challenges that all Customer Success organizations face today is understanding how their performance and operations stack up against those of their peers. The goal of the Customer Success Benchmarking Series is to remove this challenge by providing the key insights today’s leaders need to improve their operations and results.

What is this Survey about?
As the first part of the 2018 Customer Success Benchmarking Series, we're surveying Effectiveness, Alignment and Communication, as experienced by Customer Success professionals.

Where does the information go?
The information collected will be analyzed by Hugo and SuccessHACKER to identify industry benchmarks and trends which will be published for the Customer Success community. You will optionally be asked for your name and email address in case you would like a copy of the findings and for the chance to win Bose Soundlink II Wireless Headphones, as a thank you for your time.
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