Meetings before and after Hugo, according to 20,000+ customers

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Before using Hugo

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Notes were all over the place, CRM, Google Docs, note-taking apps . . . just scribbling random notes on whatever tool was available. We had no central place for taking notes and having agendas.
Thorstein Nordby
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There was no concise way to hand over meeting notes between employees. Google Drive was hard to manage . . . Notes were rarely looked at again, and potentially not even taken at all.
Will Gillmore
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As we made the shift to remote work we quickly realized how fragmented meeting insights were. They could have been in one of a hundred different places.
Jason Spinnell
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Meetings weren't translating into tasks that were completed . . . We rarely had an agenda. Not enough of what we talked about was acted on or memorialized.
Rick Nash
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If someone had a deliverable, it would live in that Google Doc silo. It wouldn't remind them of what tasks to complete. Pretty much the meeting would happen, everyone would disperse . . . and no one would view that doc again.
Blake O'Connor
Jerrick Media

After starting with Hugo

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Because Hugo connects your meeting notes, it makes it so much easier for the whole organization to be up-to-date, to move faster, and actually get stuff done. I love the tool.
Photo of Scott Orn, Kruze Consulting
Scott Orn
Kruze Consulting
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For meetings, I’ve moved off of Evernote where I had lots of stacks and notebooks. Hugo is much simpler because the calendar connection organizes everything for me.
Christiannah Oyedeji
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Nathan Monk photo
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Rather than panic on a Sunday, I’m using Hugo to make sure I’m organised for my week. 

Rather than take mental notes and forget, Hugo keeps me regimented by providing structure. I f*#@ing love it.
Nathan Monk
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It completely changed my meeting habits, creating more time for me to do other things . . . and keeps me incredibly organized and focused.
Kassy Cosney logo
Kassy Cosner
Racer X
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For client meetings, being able to see what was planned and quickly set an agenda is awesome . . . I feel more organized than my previous job.
Andrew Cordova-Andrews photo
Andrew Cordova-Andrews
Hybrid Helix
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I often refer back to my notes...what customers said, what's in their tech stack, technical information from engineering. I like having all of my notes in one place.
Becky Creighton photo
Becky Creighton
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When the Quarantine hit, our team had to think quick on a solution for our programming. We were able to collaborate via Hugo to get ideas rolling in an organized manner.
Juan Zapata
Juan Zapata
LaGuardia CC

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