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Announcing the release: Foundational Approaches to Gender Equity in Tech

Darren Chait
Co-founder & COO at Hugo

We are excited to finally announce the release of Hugo’s first white paper on gender and voice equity in the workplace! Foundational Approaches to Gender Equity in Tech is based on industry studies along with our own survey in collaboration with AWIP (Advancing Women in Product). The results have been incorporated into this white paper, which we are releasing today in partnership with Atlassian, BlueJeans, and Freshworks.

The results included some very interesting points of reference:

  • While 55% of women felt the most heard in meetings, 25% of women felt that their voices were sometimes subdued, always subdued, or that they had no voice at all in meetings
  • 20% of all respondents that identified as Asian, Black or African American, Latinx, or Mixed Race felt that their voices were actively subdued in meetings
  • Only 10% of men reported that their voices were sometimes subdued
  • Overall, 26% of respondents said that gender differences exist in their work environment, with 57% more women and non-binary genders agreeing with this statement than men
  • 4.46% of males said their workplace is bad because gender differences are prevalent or everywhere, while 13.58% of women said the same

Over the past few years, gender equality in the tech industry has become more of a priority for leadership and diversity advocates alike.The #MeToo movement that started in 2016 has propelled this, after which lasting change has been highly anticipated. In this light, it is important to consider which efforts have been implemented and how successful they have been. Understanding the state of women in tech today helps us formulate the best way to effect change for tomorrow.

This white paper will discuss the current state of women in tech including:

  • the issues with personal voice and how to use technology as an equalizing factor
  • the disproportionate advancement of white women over women of color
  • opportunities to improve how women see themselves in the workforce today

It will also discuss what the tech industry must do to build a bright future for all women in tech by setting clear goals and exploring all the actions that can be taken at a grassroots level to affect change quickly. Readers will come away with an idea of the components of their ideal communications tool stack.

You can have your own copy of Foundational Approaches to Gender Equity in Tech sent to you here. As always, please let us know your thoughts!

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