[Book: 10X Culture] Best-Kept Secrets of the World’s Most Innovative Teams

Rob Lennon
October 3, 2019

The future of work is open, adaptable, and built on foundations of trust and autonomy. But to get there, we must shed many misinformed assumptions that have been rulingteamwork for the last century. 

Filled with untold lessons from the most innovative teams — from great accomplishments of the past like the Apollo mission to the moon, to tech innovators of today like Atlassian, Airbnb and Zoom — 10X Culture is your handbook to using culture to build a thriving organization.

Download the digital version of 10X Culture FREE. (Also available in paperback on Amazon.)


“The best shortcut you can take in your team's journey toward a winning culture . . . It can be read in an afternoon, but you’ll be re-reading it for the rest of your life."
— Eric S. Yuan, Founder & CEO, Zoom
10X Culture exposes a mindset...how to unlearn bad work habits, and relearn how to relate to each other...how culture can take your team from exceptional, to extra exceptional.”
— Megha Narayan, Global Head of Brand at Atlassian

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