Jun 3, 2021

Hugo Partners With Loom To Bring Video Recording to Your Meeting Notes

Record and embed Loom videos directly in your meeting notes and agendas with Hugo.

Rob Lennon
Rob Lennon
Customer Education Lead at Hugo
Hugo Partners With Loom To Bring Video Recording to Your Meeting Notes

Hugo is the leading note-taking app for meeting notes, agendas, and tasks. But meetings don’t just happen face-to-face or in real-time. Adding Loom videos to Hugo gives teams the perfect balance of sync and async communication, enabling them to:

  • Show up prepared. Record a Loom for attendees to review before the meeting.
  • Share meeting summaries. Use Loom to add a tl;dr for your colleagues so that they don’t have to read the whole doc to get the gist.

Check out this video demo to see how the Loom app works inside Hugo.

“We use Loom every day for async collaboration and to add video walk-throughs and recaps to our meeting agendas. Our customers operate much the same, putting Loom links in their Hugo docs all the time," said Josh Lowy, Co-founder & CEO at Hugo.

"Now that our customers can record and embed Loom videos without leaving Hugo, meeting docs say more with less. Loom is perfect for saving time before the meeting begins, and socializing next steps after it ends.”

See the full Loom + Hugo integration page for more info.


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