New in Hugo 6/04/18


Josh Lowy

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We've just released new features in Hugo 🙌

User Groups

As Hugo grows with your business, sharing functionality needs a bit of a boost! This is especially important when your colleagues are on another floor or even a different timezone!

Today, you can organize your team into groups to make team sharing a breeze! For example, you can now loop members of your Product team into a meeting by mentioning @product. Admins can create groups in Settings > Manage Team.

User Groups Screen

Template Library

After learning about so many great meeting templates from the best Hugo teams, we have put together a Template Library for all of you. As more teams use Hugo Templates to improve their meeting note process, we're excited to expand our Template Library over time. If your team has created a custom template that you think should be shared, let us know!

Meeting Note Templates

A big thank you 🙏 to all of our users who helped inform and refine these updates. Keep the feedback coming!

Visit Hugo to connect your team today. If you have any questions about these updates, reach out to us - we're here to help!