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5 sample meeting agenda examples [plus 40+ templates]

Rob Lennon
Customer Education Lead at Hugo

Are you looking for the best examples of well organized, effective meeting agendas? That’s a good thing because the more prepared you are for your meeting, the better the meeting is going to go. 

Meetings are most likely one of your larger expenses in your organization. Taking up so much time and energy like this, it makes sense to take a couple of minutes to make sure that everyone’s time is well spent.

A thoughtful agenda helps everyone show up to the meeting knowing what is can happen, what will be discussed, and what decisions need to be made.

No matter how you organize your meeting agendas and notes, you can use these examples. It doesn’t matter whether you put your meeting agenda in your calendar invite, in a Google doc, in Word, or you use a meeting notes hub like Hugo — although every approach to organizing meeting agendas and notes has pros and cons.

What matters most, though, is that you have a meeting agenda at all. As many of two-thirds of all meetings don’t have one — so, if you are here to plan the agenda for your next meeting, good on you! You’re already doing better than the majority of meeting organizers.

Building your agenda

Across many different types of meetings — whether they are staff meetings, committee meetings, project check-ins, or a sales call — there are common items you will see listed on agendas over and over. You might think of these as the building blocks for your agenda, where you can pick and choose what agenda items are appropriate for the meeting that you’re going to hold.

Here are some items that you commonly see on meeting agendas:

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Agenda overview
  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Decision
  • Question & Answer (Q&A)
  • Action Items (initially left blank)

However, none of these agenda items are helpful without more detail, and that is where seeing some meeting agenda examples that cover a variety of topics is going to be very useful. Below are five sample meeting agendas that have been filled in to give you a better sense of how the meeting agenda should actually look.

Of course, if you’re just looking for templates to copy, you may want to skip this part and instead headed straight to our gallery of 50+ meeting agenda templates that are free to download. (These templates also come standard in your free Hugo account.)

State the meeting's purpose or goal

The common mistake people make when putting together meeting agendas is not explaining why the meeting exists in the first place. Every meeting should have a clear goal so that everyone who shows up knows why they showed up. (Turns out, people really appreciate knowing why they were invited to a meeting!)

Here's a short video covering the do's and don'ts of stating your meeting's purpose.

Simple meeting agenda

This is a simple meeting agenda that is highly adaptable to a variety of meetings, especially short, casual meetings that don’t have that many items up for discussion or decision.


Meeting type (Update, Discussion, Decision)

Discuss agency performance and decide whether to renew for another year.

1. Review agency performance to date and compare against benchmarks
2. Discussion: Does missing benchmarks warrant a change? Is it worth the costs?
3.Decision: Should we renew with them for another year

Next Steps


Team meeting agenda example

The sample agenda is for a team meeting. Often these are meetings that happen about once a week that involve all the members of a specific team who come together to brief each other on what they’re working on. It’s also a useful time to leverage the group’s combined intellect to solve problems.


Review Metrics/KPIs
Track progress on metrics, goals vs. actual. Where are we off from the plan? Why?

Company Update
Share key updates and provide a “State of the Union.”

Department/Team Lead Roundtable
Keep everyone up to date, look for efficiencies, and help each other get unblocked.

- Recent wins
- Current priorities
- Anything you are stuck on?

- Recent wins
- Current priorities
- Anything you are stuck on?

Problem-Solving Session
Chose one challenge or area of priority.
- Presentation on the challenge
- Open discussion to better understand the challenge and find solutions
- Assign next steps

Next Steps


Business meeting agenda sample

Here’s a sample meeting agenda that could cover a range of business meeting needs. We start by looking at what happened last time and making sure that everything is going according to plan. Then the meeting moves into a quick check on key metrics, some status updates, and a special section to make sure that any decisions that need to be made get made.



Action Item Review
Review of action items from the last meeting and their current statuses

- Review key metrics
- Status of key objectives

- What is the status of all initiatives?
- Review budget if needed

Key Issues
- What decisions need to be made?
- Understand options and make decisions

Action Items



Formal meeting agenda template

For more formal meetings that follow the traditional structure, a formal template is required. This applies to both a formal business meeting agenda, but it can also serve as a good example of an agenda for a committee meeting, or even a board meeting. (By the way, this structure is usually based on a framework called Robert’s Rules of Order.)

This agenda template both helps you organize the meeting, run it according to the proper procedures, as well as prepare meeting minutes in the process. (Check out this article if you need guidance on the best way to take meeting minutes.) 


Call to Order
A [meeting type] meeting of [organization name] was held on [date] at [location]. It began at [time] and was presided over by [chairperson’s name], with [secretary’s name] as secretary.

Voting members
Members not in attendance

Approval of minutes
A motion to approve the minutes of the previous [date] meeting was made by [name] and seconded by [name].

Officer’s Reports

- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer

Other Reports

- Budgeting Committee
- Marketing Committee

Main Motions

- Motion by [name] and seconded by [name] that [state the motion here]. The motion [carried or failed] with [#] in favor and [#] against.





Weekly Leadership Meeting Sample Agenda

Leadership teams should meet on a regular basis in a meeting where the biggest issues impacting a team or company are brought to the surface. Here’s an example agenda for this kind of executive meeting.


Review Metrics/KPIs
Track progress on metrics, goals vs. actual. Where are we off from the plan? Why?


- What’s going on in the company?
- What’s going on with the customers?
- What’s going on in the market?

Keep everyone up to date, look for efficiencies, and help each other get unblocked.


- Recent wins
- Current priorities
- Anything you are stuck on?

- Recent wins
- Current priorities
- Anything you are stuck on?

Deep dive - Growth Team
A review of our paid ads strategy and discussion about possible changes.

Messages to share with the team
Is there anything to be communicated to the entire company?

Next Steps


Now that you have seen a variety of sample meeting agendas, it’s time to go out and create your own. Be sure to grab a template from our free 50+ agenda templates. This template library has all sorts of agenda templates including ones for product team meetings, marketing, sales conversations, one-on-ones, and customer meetings too. And if you want to learn how to run your meeting effectively, read this article on the ingredients of an effective meeting strategy.

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