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Sharing is Caring: Why Startups Need to Look Inside

Darren Chait
Co-founder & COO at Hugo

If there’s one thing that’s more available than ever for founders in 2018, it’s advice. Not a day goes by without someone recommending a book, blog, podcast or conference that I can’t miss, or someone I ‘have to meet’.

On the other hand, we all know that the secret to success is not as simple as following instructions from [insert your favorite unicorn]’s playbook and just doing what those before you have done successfully.

Perhaps this explains why it is so easy to forget the obvious source of insight, advice and perspective that you have right in front of your nose, the people that you have spent the most time courting and that have cost you the most – your team.

This article shares some of the reasons why our own team has become one of the most important sources of advice for us and how you can better utilize your team.

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