17 Team Meeting Ideas: Activities For Fun Team-Building 😃

Looking for a fun and interesting way to turn a team meeting into a team building activity?

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17 Team Meeting Ideas: Activities For Fun Team-Building 😃

In place of your standard team meeting activities, it's time to switch it up. Engage your team with something quirky, interesting, or innovative.

Below is a list of the best team meeting ideas to break up your routine of normal, excellently run team meetings. So get ready to turn your next team meeting into something incredibly memorable.

<span class="h-circle">1</span>Awards Show

Give your employees the recognition they deserve. Ditch the traditional employee of the month award and give out superlatives that are both serious and silly.

You can get customized plaques and trophies online inexpensively, or give out simple, printed certificates accompanied by rewards like gift cards to local coffee shops or popular lunch spots.

For team members whose primary love language is receiving gifts, this is one of the most thoughtful staff meeting ideas.

<span class="h-circle">2</span>"Bad" Art Contest

Have a little creativity in your staff meeting. Hold an artist's contest with each employee making a painting and bringing it to the meeting to be judged and displayed. All of your employees will have a great time choosing their favorite and you will get a lot of good ideas out of it.

“If you can laugh together, you can work together.”
– Robert Orben

<span class="h-circle">3</span>Photo Scavenger Hunt

Send everyone around with their phones taking pictures in the office. Upload all the pics to shared folder and have fun seeing everyone's finds.

Here's a sample team meeting photo scavenger hunt list:

  1. Your favorite cup or mug
  2. A view fro a window
  3. A business card
  4. Someone/something listening to music
  5. Swag from any company (including your business)
  6. Coffee
  7. A manager
  8. Three things that have keys
  9. An excellent Zoom background

<span class="h-circle">4</span>Most Likely To Think Out Of The Box Awards

Let your staff members come up with their own awards for each other with categories like "Most Likely To…", "Most Likely To…", "Best At…" and so on. Bonus points for creativity!


<span class="h-circle">5</span>Play A Board Game

Unwind from work with a brand new board game or similar activity. This is a great way to get your employees talking and letting loose from the stresses of work. Put some thought into your choice, something that will have fun, objective rules so everyone can play at the same level.

“With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.”
– Tahir Shah

<span class="h-circle">6</span>Find Your Inner Child

As an alternative to playing a board game, you can challenge your employees to do something they enjoyed as children for 15 minutes during their lunch break. Examples:

  • Hunt for bugs and insects around the office
  • Play hide and seek
  • Build things out of Play Dough

<span class="h-circle">7</span>Lego Party

Speaking of inner child, a lego set is the perfect, contained project that requires time and focus but can be finished in a short enough period of time (such as the duration of a team meeting). Get small lego sets for everyone according to a theme that relates to your projects at work. Build your lego sets together while chatting. You can work together on a few larger sets or give each person something smaller.

<span class="h-circle">8</span>Movie Madness

It's time to tell your company story as an action movie. Make up a movie scene at work that tells the story of the year. Everyone can then discuss what they think are the best parts of it, what was most memorable, etc.

This is a fun way for your employees to catch up on relevant gossip, and turn that customer support nightmare into a scene where the bomb is about to go off!

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<span class="h-circle">9</span>No Chairs At The Table

Let's get rid of the chairs and computers while you're all having a staff meeting lunch together! Instead, let's put two tables together in front of everyone so everyone can spill out their lunches on them while they eat. You have to be careful not to allow the food on the tables to get mixed with the people, but it's a fun way for people to mingle and eat together.

<span class="h-circle">10</span>Center Of A Selfie

Let's get our creative juices flowing and have each person take a selfie with everyone else in the background! This is a great way to ignite your employees' motivation and make them feel more connected to each other while taking turns having one person run the "meeting."

How will each selfie be different? The pose? The expression? The setting? You decide.


<span class="h-circle">11</span>Paint One Big, Beautiful Picture

Let your employees paint a picture. Get a giant sheet of paper and some painting supplies. Themes for the paintings might include: the "perfect meeting" or "our company" — or you could try to copy a famous artwork (badly) or Google free mural templates.

You can hang it up during your actual meeting and let everyone comment on what they think is missing, added, or what could be improved upon. This is a great way to get everyone involved in a hands on project that uses a different skill set than usual.

<span class="h-circle">12</span>Do Some Yoga

I think you know where this team meeting is going. Yoga before the meeting is a great way to loosen up those stiff and cramped muscles and get everyone's creative juices flowing.

<span class="h-circle">13</span>Create A Sculpture For The Ages

Similar to creating a piece of art, but instead of just painting – we're going to take it a step further – all the way into a modern art masterpiece. Take out all the old office supplies you can find, and anything else that might be useful. Now, ask the team to figure out how to combine them into a new sculpture. When you're done, but the sculpture on display on the conference room table.

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.”
– Ifeanyi Onuoha

<span class="h-circle">14</span>Giant Cardboard Cutouts

Instead of dreading your weekly meetings, make them interesting and exciting. Use props like giant cut-outs of different animals, celebrities, and cartoon characters that you can put around your meeting room walls. Got an empty seat at the table? Invite that 8-foot T-Rex to the meeting!

<span class="h-circle">15</span>Coloring Books

Science has shown that activities like doodling and coloring in coloring books during a meeting actually helps people focus more on what's being discussed by giving the wandering part of the mind something to do. This is especially great if you have a brainstorming session or other creative aspect to your meeting.

There are lots of coloring pages available online for free printing, not just for kids either.

<span class="h-circle">16</span>Play A Word Association Game To Get Everyone Talking

Ask everyone in the office to bring up words that start with a specific letter to see if they can associate those words with any of their coworkers.

<span class="h-circle">17</span>Meeting Boss For Next Week

Can't decide from this list? 

Divide your team into pairs and have each pair come up with three new ideas for the next week's meeting.

What will be the most important? The most fun? The most innovative?

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