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🙌 How to Run Team Meetings That Actually Matter [Agenda Sample and Tips]

Rob Lennon
Customer Education Lead at Hugo

If you’re looking to prepare yourself and your team to run consistently effective team meetings, look no further.

In this post, you’ll find team meeting agenda templates, effective meeting best practices, and inspirational agenda examples. 

So whether you run a team of customer success professionals, engineers, procurement specialists, you’ll have everything you need to prepare for, start, and run consistently productive daily, weekly, or monthly staff meetings.

In this post, we'll dig into how to run an effective team meeting with these staff meeting best practices

  1. Prepare the agenda and circulate it for review ahead of the meeting
  2. In every agenda, include: Objective, Topics, Location, Attendees, Action Items (empty)
  3. Establish common ground at the beginning of the meeting
  4. End your staff meetings with action
  5. Seek feedback to improve staff meetings

But before looking at how to run these sessions, here are sample agendas for a few of the more common types of team meetings.

The Project Check-In Team Meeting Template

This staff meeting agenda template is a check-in meeting agenda built for project teams who meet on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Grab it and go, try it in Hugo, or keep reading to see an example of this agenda in action.

Our Objective
Reiterate the objective of the project

Include in the agenda high-level milestones

Project Team Update Roundtable

  • Name
    • Summarize 1-5 updates here in the agenda
  • Name
    • Summarize 1-5 updates here in the agenda

Roadblocks & Risks
Where are you blocked? How can the team help?

Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

Team Meeting Agenda Example

Below, you’ll find the same team meeting agenda template except now it’s filled out. This example should give you a more concrete idea of what a good team meeting agenda looks like.

With that said, in some cases, other agenda templates may work better for your purposes. For that reason, we have several staff and team meeting agenda templates for you to choose from on our Team Agenda Templates page.

Our Objective
To build a measurement strategy that allows the customer success team to track progress on KPIs and measure that progress against their stated departmental goals.

Strategy must be ready to deploy by Q4 2020.

Project Team Update Roundtable

  • Rob
    • Spoke with and established agreement among CS team stakeholders on relevant KPIs.
    • Gathered feedback from CS team on current measurement strategies.
  • Christina
    • Mocked up three dashboard options that are circulating internally for feedback.
    • Working through an audit of the current CS data sources.
  • Michelle
    • Just getting back after a four-day illness; catching up.

Roadblocks & Risks

  • Roadblock: Christina needs feedback on the dashboards before she can continue. All team members must provide feedback ASAP.
  • Risk: Christina’s audit may reveal siloed data which may delay our ability to establish a performance baseline.

Next Steps

  • @Michelle review and provide feedback on Christina’s dashboard mockups by June 5th.
  • @Rob summarize and distribute CS team feedback on current measurement strategies by June 7th.
  • @Christina check in on the status of current CS data sources by June 8th.

Staff Meeting Best Practices

The simple act of preparing an agenda itself will immediately make your staff meetings more effective. But if you want to extract every ounce of value out of your team meetings, you need an effective meeting strategy

While your strategy may evolve, it should start with the following best practices:

Prepare the agenda and circulate for review ahead of the meeting.

Your agenda is your meeting’s roadmap. By preparing the agenda early, there’s more time to circulate it for review which gives attendees a chance to prepare themselves for your talking points. Plus, if there’s any subject you accidentally left out, other meeting attendees can add it to the agenda. 

Include, at minimum, these five items on the team meeting agenda.

  1. Objective of the meetings. 
  2. Topics to be discussed (in order).
  3. Who is attending the meeting.
  4. The location and time of the meeting. 
  5. Space for meeting action items (to fill out during the meeting).

A Note on Agenda Design: Keep in mind that the above items are the minimum requirements for what you should include on a staff meeting agenda. Exactly how you decide to design your meeting agenda will (and should) change based on your requirements. If you’re looking for more agenda design inspiration, check out our 40+ agenda templates. 

Start the team meeting to establish common ground.  

The way you start a team meeting sets the tone. The key points to reiterate to start your meeting off are 1) the objective of the meeting, 2) any ground rules for the meeting, and 3) a brief overview of topics to be discussed. 

Once you’ve started, keep it going. Don’t recap for latecomers; they can use their agenda to catch up.

End your staff meetings with action.

In rare cases, you may hold a meeting that’s solely meant to inspire or educate with no specific action items. But generally, your team meetings should always end with action items. 

Ideally, you can immediately incorporate these items into your project management software. But at the very least, you should document everyone’s action items that arose out of the meeting on the agenda. 

Seeking feedback to improve meetings and establish the right frequency.

 As long as they’re planned and run by humans, meetings will never be perfect. But that’s certainly no reason not to strive for better meetings. Make sure to periodically check in with meeting attendees for feedback. 

 Ask for your team’s opinions on meeting frequency and content, solicit meeting ideas, and find out what is most valuable about the meetings to your team.

Where to Find More Agenda Templates

While we’ve focused on templates, examples, and best practices for effective team and staff meetings, we’ve also created more than 50 templates for meetings of all kinds. So whether you’re onboarding a new employee or conducting a performance review, you’ll find a free agenda that works for you on our meeting templates page.

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