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Why don’t people focus on insights from conversations?

Josh Lowy
Co-founder & CEO at Hugo

We have noticed a funny trend that has been gaining momentum over the past few years. It’s easier for organizations to become disconnected from their customers needs, than it is to stay connected to them!

Let me share our views on why this is the case, and how easy it is to solve at your company.

Analytics-based Human Avoidance (AHA)

AHA is a real problem! Opening my browser and relying on charts and graphs is much easier than dealing with customers face-to-face. Everyone has such fluid access to quantitative data now, it is often used as a means of avoiding talking to customers.

When loading up a saved Mixpanel report is just a click away, it is easy to get into a rhythm of never talking to customers in human form!

The solution

Like that missing pair of sunglasses, the only reason you haven’t found it yet is because you’re sitting on it!

Enter, Customer Success. The CSM title has been growing in the ‘jobosphere’ over the past few years too. As companies move over to a subscription/services model with ease, their customers are treated like members more and more. CSM’s play a critical role in improving membership levers 🎛 for their company like reducing churn, increasing engagement of new features and ultimately lifting spend as more products come online.

Because a big part of the CSM’s role is to proactively reach out to customers, that means someone in your organization is probably talking with one of your customers right now. You just don’t see it!

That’s where Hugo comes in — we are the meeting note platform designed by and built for teams, to keep everyone connected.

We don’t think meeting notes are boring at all, we actually get pretty excited by them!

What makes Hugo so powerful is how it integrates your team’s meeting notes with the tools they are already using every day. Next time one of your CSM’s is talking to a customer, their Hugo note can automatically update everyone in Slack, log a Salesforce activity and add feature requests in Trello with a single click. Now multiply that by the number of customer conversations happening in your company every week.

By connecting notes with all of their favorite apps, Hugo ensures that your team can spend less time context-switching, while making sure that the insights they capture are heard across the company.

For the first time ever, your company can take a latent behavior, (boring old) note taking, and use it to create a real-time feedback loop between insights in the field and solutions cooked up by your team back in the office, 3 floors up or on another timezone!

In a world where access to data is not a differentiated strategy anymore, conversations matter! They should be brought out of the darkness and illuminated for all teammates to hear.

With Hugo, it doesn’t matter how fast ‍⚡️ your customers move, you’ll be right there with them!

So think about how many times someone in your company has met with a customer this week. How many people know what happened and what came out of it?

Check out Hugo with your team, and bring conversations back into the light!

Hugo. Connected Meeting Notes

Centralized, searchable meeting notes that connect with your favorite tools.

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