How Drawboard creates a customer-centric culture with meeting notes

"Hugo powers our product-first, customer centric culture"

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Drawboard is an Australian startup on a mission to transform how the design and construction industries communicate and work with PDF drawings and documents.

They currently have two products: Drawboard PDF, an intuitive design markup app for Windows 10; and Bullclip, a design review platform that lets architects, engineers, and multi-disciplinary teams collaborate in real time.

Members of Drawboard’s team often find themselves onsite to help organizations utilize their software efficiently. They also get the chance to receive priceless feedback on how they can refine their products. For a fast-paced and highly technical industry like construction, communication is crucial; any gap in it is an opening for inefficiency.

Founder and CEO Alistair Michener realized there was potential for these customer insights to get lost in translation between Drawboard’s marketing and product development teams. He needed a way for his team to capture and convey these customer insights more effectively.


Hugo’s platform gives Alistair and his team all the tools they need to close this gap in communication and cultivate a customer-centric culture. Similar to how Drawboard simplifies construction plan review, Hugo transforms the lean startup’s meeting notes into an engine for better solutions.

Hugo also helps Drawboard share these insights with team members who don’t interact with customers via Slack and turn these insights into action. Like most modern startups, Drawboard employs an ecosystem of apps like Slack, Trello, and Jira to get the job done. With easy integration, Hugo links these tools together, forming a direct feedback loop that has allowed Drawboard’s team to improve their products, faster and better serve their customers.


It didn’t take long for Drawboard to start seeing profoundly positive results from utilizing Hugo. Alistair credits Hugo for helping Drawboard create a customer-centric, product-first culture.

Here are his favorite benefits from Hugo’s platform. He considers each of them game-changers for his team:

Designed for fast-growing, customer-centric companies, Hugo breaks down the walls of the meeting room, making conversations accessible to everyone.

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