How Falkonry streamlines Customer Success By sharing insights

"Customers have been commenting about the consistent high-quality experience that Falkonry’s team delivers."

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The Challenge

Falkonry is a leading provider of operational machine learning. Their ready-to-use system, the Falkonry LRS, is utilized by Global 2000 industrial companies to improve throughput, uptime, yield, and quality — all without the need for a data scientist.

Essentially a “data scientist-in-a-box,” the Falkonry LRS discovers patterns in existing data and applies predictive analytics to receive actionable insights. Falkonry’s team strongly believes the most valuable data and insights are qualitative. And this strong focus on quality is no different for their high-touch customer success process.

Many team members spend a substantial amount of time speaking with customers to understand their needs and adapt accordingly. But in order to get better results, Crick Waters, Falkonry’s SVP Customer Success, knew they needed to share customer insights across the company.

The Solution

Hugo allows Crick and his team to track and manage customer insights from meetings seamlessly. A simple interface prompts customer-facing members for meeting notes. These, along with the meeting itself, are stored for convenient access.

So whether the meeting is about initial implementation, renewals, or expansion of product use, customer success leadership is always cognizant about what customers are saying.

Because Hugo makes integration easy with tools such as Trello, Jira, Zoom, and Salesforce, the rest of Falkonry never misses a beat either. Sharing insights with other teams like sales and account management is simple so everyone can stay on the same page.

The Results

Falkonry initially utilized Hugo for customer success management. Today, the majority of the company leverages Hugo’s capabilities to hear the customer’s feedback directly.

And the results are showing — Customers have been commenting about the consistent high-quality experience that Falkonry’s team delivers.

Here are Crick’s favorite benefits from Hugo:

Designed for fast-growing, customer-centric companies, Hugo breaks down the walls of the meeting room, making conversations and insights accessible to everyone on your team.

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