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"There’s nothing out there like Hugo"

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The Challenge

Intello is an end-to-end SaaS optimization provider that’s on a mission to create a more transparent SaaS ecosystem. Their self-serve platform allows companies to see and optimize SaaS spend, usage, and compliance in real time.

The team at Intello strives to supply organizations with a proper infrastructure to take care of issues ranging from spending management to unused licenses. It’s a monumental endeavor. But what the lean startup lacks in size, they more than make up for in resourcefulness and adaptability.

Founder and CEO Barak Kaufman knew there was room for improvement in alignment between Intello’s business development and engineering teams. Optimizing this connection could, in turn, optimize the company’s product.

The Solution

Intello’s team is well-versed in the latest and greatest in the SaaS industry. This made the fact that they couldn’t find a proper solution at first all the more troubling. Nothing bridged the gap between the company’s meetings and the plethora of tools each employed.

Fortunately, they kept looking. And, eventually, they found Hugo.

Hugo’s meeting collaboration solution enables Intello to stay aligned, dynamic, and responsive. By connecting to their entire repertoire of tools, Hugo eliminates any data fragmentation or knowledge falling between the cracks.

It didn’t take long for Intello to realize a streamlined workflow wasn’t the only benefit from Hugo. By integrating and centralizing all their meeting insights, Intello’s team not only forged a deeper connection with each other but to their customers as well.

The Results

Hugo is now how Intello captures meeting insights and connects them to the team’s tools. It allows everyone to know what’s happening with customers, what leads are coming through, and keep Copper (Prosperworks), Trello and Jira up to date..

Since Intello is focused on optimizing SaaS tools, Barak is intimately familiar with the best tools and trends in the industry. And he thinks there’s nothing out there like Hugo.

Here are Barak’s favorite benefits from Hugo:

Designed for fast-growing, customer-centric companies, Hugo breaks down the walls of the meeting room, making conversations and insights accessible to everyone on your team.

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