How ROKT Aligns Teams and Increases Productivity Around the Globe

"Our team has significantly increased transparency and productivity by implementing Hugo across the organization"

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Rokt is a global marketing technology (martech) company that transforms the customer buying experience by bringing marketing to e-commerce during the “Transaction MomentTM” (when potential buyers turn to customers), extending the conversation beyond the moment of purchase to promote engagement and loyalty. With more than 150 employees spread across New York City, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore and Japan, Rokt’s internal and customer-facing teams all struggled to effectively share important customer insights and remain aligned across the entire organization.

For the majority of organizations, every employee has their own approach to note-taking. From notebooks to Evernote, Apple Notes to Google docs and Microsoft OneNote, the common problem with all of these options is that they become an individual’s own personal way of recording information. That information begins to exist only in individual silos across the organization, buried in notebooks, documents, CRM software and email exchanges.

Customer-facing teams, including account management, customer success, sales, business development and marketing make up over 65% of Rokt’s employees. In addition to improving internal team alignment, the company needed a better way to keep everyone connected to their customers.

Rokt set out on a mission to improve their valuable customer relationships in a way that would be simple for the team and noticeable to clients, providing clear positive metrics to show enhanced workflow and improved customer relationships.



Enter Hugo. Having recognized the tremendous value of sharing knowledge in real time, the Hugo team built the platform to make it easier for teams to share their meeting notes in order to be more responsive to their customers’ needs.

With Hugo, Rokt team members simply sync the platform to their calendar, and Hugo prompts them to create and save a meeting note, collecting the right information at the right time. Note-taking templates can be used, teammates can be mentioned and notes can be tagged to allow team members to derive the most value from meeting insights.

Once installed, Hugo connects to all of Rokt’s favorite productivity apps, and a single note taken in Hugo now shares insights with the entire organization via chat, syncs with their CRM and adds a feature request to the backlog.


Rokt started with just six licenses but realized (within days) the increased benefits of having the platform in place across the entire organization. By the end of the second week, more than 85 percent of Rokt’s team had onboarded.

An overwhelming majority of the notes being shared are from customer-facing teams. By sharing notes from customer success, business development and sales meetings, the rest of the organization can be closer to customer needs and wants without attending more meetings.

Additionally, notes are being saved and shared across three different countries, so when teams are distributed across locations and time zones, Hugo keeps them on the same page.

Today, Hugo has almost entirely eradicated knowledge silos from Rokt’s operations without disrupting any of the company’s existing processes. Better yet, Rokt has seen increased productivity through better organized note-taking, better shared information and the ability to keep important information in one central location.

Rokt chief strategy officer Brad Lindenberg noted the top benefits of Hugo to be:

- Significant increase in productivity (both by tracking and archiving tasks as well as eliminating duplicate communication threads and work amongst team members)

- Transparency across the entire organization regarding action items, client needs and overall business goals

- Simplicity of having a single source of information spread across the organization

Designed for fast-growing, customer-centric companies, Hugo is an effective solution for teams that want to increase productivity through organization. The revolutionary platform fundamentally changes the way that work is done — for the better.

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