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Connect your meetings with your work tools including:

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Meetings are disconnected from how work happens.

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Every meeting should be a moment of team alignment

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Key points, decisions, and tasks need to reach the right people in the right tools. Yet after most meetings, notes are siloed

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Doing this right requires copying and pasting all sorts of information to many apps you use for work

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Otherwise, important meeting outputs are lost, and you end up meeting about the meeting to realign

Integrate your calendar into hectic meeting workflows with Hugo

Send meeting notes and tasks to your favorite apps

Hugo works with your tech stack instead of replacing it. Make sure no balls get dropped by passing decisions and tasks from meetings to the tools designed to record them.

A centralized place to keep track of meetings

Because everyone can share one meeting note, information is no longer scattered between notebooks and apps. (You can take private notes too!)

A little bit of structure = better meetings

Get notifications to set an agenda. Use 50+ agenda templates. Collaborate on shared agendas. Hugo passively improves your meeting habits without being heavy-handed.

Keep your remote team members on the same page

Prepare together. Take notes together. Follow up together. By centralizing your meetings process, everyone feels like part of a unified team, regardless of their location.

Know what’s happening without having to be there

Whether you view them in Hugo, your CRM, or on Slack, Hugo centralizes your team’s notes so you don’t have to go to every meeting.
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How does Google Suite integrate with Hugo?

Organize your meeting notes based on the people and companies you met, by connecting your Google Calendar to Hugo.

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Meetings managed so well, your team will thank you

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There’s a couple of people who don’t like trying new tools. One agreed to try Hugo and within 15 minutes I got a message saying, ‘I don’t know why I waited so long, this is awesome!’
Tanner Webber
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Integrate your calendar into hectic meeting workflows with Hugo