Improve Communication with Loom & Hugo

For high performance remote and hybrid teams, Loom is a natural complement to use alongside your Hugo calendar, meetings, and notes. Loom’s patented short-form videos are an excellent way to communicate asynchronously to streamline your meeting updates.

Add Loom videos to collaborative agendas.

For teams seeking to share updates asynchronously in a personal manner, Loom helps you get ahead with personalized video recordings. Each team member can record and embed their Loom, so that the actual meeting time can be focused on pertinent issues rather than standard check-ins.

Miss a meeting? Respond with Loom

For all the times you can’t make that meeting, rest assured you can still take part by viewing the meeting notes on Hugo and following up with your own appended Loom video. With Hugo and Loom, meetings move beyond a single 30 or 60 minute instance of synchronous time commitment to a more fluid experience with significant value in the pre, during, and post meeting phases. 

Check out Teamworks’ story to see Loom & Hugo in action

Before the pandemic, 95% of Teamworks team members worked out of the North Carolina office. In the midst of adjusting to quarantines, Teamworks adopted Hugo and Loom to support their meeting needs. As the world has recovered, Teamworks has continued the new normal of hybrid and remote teams leveraging best-in-class technology solutions. 

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What is Hugo?

Hugo brings together your calendars, meetings, notes, and tasks in one place. Users can streamline their meeting prep with best practice templates and collaborative agendas, find any note, task, or decision in seconds, and connect their meeting workstream to 20+ popular work apps and 1,000s through Zapier.

Hugo’s trusted by teams at Slack, Netflix, Stripe, Atlassian, and thousands more to help teams better organize and share meeting-related information and fully realize the rewards of hybrid and remote collaboration.

What is



Loom is a video messaging tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos. With Loom, you can record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously. Your video is then instantly available to share through Loom's patented technology.

Hear what else Hugo users have to say

PlaySummer Stewart

After using Hugo it was really hard to imagine taking notes outside of Hugo again.

Summer Stewart
PlayMichelle Su

I felt like I came to Hugo meetings a lot more prepared and a lot less stressed. We've really kicked disorganization out of our meetings.

Michelle Su
PlayRomir Bosu

Hugo solves visibility, ensures we start and finish meetings on time, stick to an agenda and collaboratively prepare before the meeting.

Romir Bosu
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Try all features for FREE with unlimited users for 21 Days
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