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Hugo & Atlassian Partnership Discussion
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Wednesday, August 17
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I had a great meeting with the ACME team - they had some good points and are progressing well. A few takeaways from the meeting:
  • @support
    we've scheduled a guided team onboarding for them
  • @design
    FYI - they had trouble adding elements in the template editor
  • @
    they're asking for API support. Possible?
They loved our deck and were excited about the opportunity to work together.
Well done team! 
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 We should
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create a case study on ACME.
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Create Trello Card: Create a case study on ACME
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The Platform Where Your Notes Take Action

Hugo is the web app where your team writes, shares and transforms meeting notes into action.

It shares customer insights with teammates who weren't in the room via Slack, automatically updates your CRM and turns meeting actions into tickets, tasks and follow-ups in your team's favorite tools.

The outcome is a more aligned team, better-serviced customers and one source of truth for your business's most valuable knowledge.
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Hugo & Slack in Three Simple Steps



Connect Hugo to your calendar and Slack team and Hugo will prompt you via Slack to save a meeting note at the right time.



Write your note using a template, @mention teammates and #tag your notes to get the most value out of your meeting insights.



Insights from your note will be shared with individuals, teams or the whole business via Slack, and by connecting to all your favorite apps, a single Hugo note can log an activity in your CRM, add a feature request to the backlog or perform any action in over 15 different tools.

A New Way of Working

Your team already saves meeting notes, but they're hidden in notebooks, private tools and email exchanges - disconnected and inaccessible to everyone else.

Hugo transforms meeting notes to keep the rest of the team updated with customer insights, turn meetings into action and enable everyone to stay aligned - whether they're in the room, on another floor or on the other side of the globe.

Stop Losing Knowledge. Make Better Decisions.

Brad from Rokt
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"Hugo enables our global team to be on the same page and focused on what matters to our business."

Brad Lindenberg @ Rokt
Delyn from Atlassian
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Hugo is the best meeting note solution for Atlassian teams. When teams use Hugo, they are more connected to each other and their customers.

Delyn Simons @ Atlassian
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We've tightened the feedback loop between our customer-facing and product teams. Hugo is our secret to an engaged, customer-centric team.

Alistair Michener @ Drawboard
Photo of Todd Eby from SuccessHacker
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"Hugo is changing Customer Success. It is hands-down the best solution to build and nurture customer-centric teams"

Todd Eby @ SuccessHacker
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