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Meeting notes template FAQs

Is a template for meeting notes the same thing as a meeting minutes template?

Yes. Meeting notes and meeting minutes are essentially the same thing, although when people talk about meeting minutes they usually are referring to a more formal version of meeting notes.
Meeting minutes generally formatted carefully and contain a complete record of everything important that happened at the meeting.
Meeting notes, on the other hand, can be as detailed and complete (or not complete) as the note-taker wishes, depending on what you want to use them for.

Do you need to write down everything in your meeting notes? What should be included?

Some note-takers record an almost verbatim account of what happened in a meeting. This is usually unnecessary. 

Instead, focus on capturing only the following information in your meeting notes:

  • Discussion: What general topics were discussed?
  • Decisions: What did the team decide? What alternatives were passed over? Was anything note decided?
  • Tasks. What action items came up as a result of the discussions/decisions? Who is responsible for each task?
  • Milestones. Were any other details or updates so important they should be tracked in the meeting notes? Include any data where the meeting notes simply wouldn’t make sense without that information.
Can I see some samples or examples of meeting notes?

Yes! This blog post on team meetings has some very good examples of how to take meeting notes along with some of the sample templates that are available here for free download as Word docs (.docx), Google Docs, and for use in Hugo.

Are these meeting notes templates free?

All of the example meeting notes templates on this page are free. Copy, download, and enjoy having better meetings and more-organized meeting notes.

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