What drives us?

When information is open and accessible, people are aligned and teams make better decisions.

We're driven to change the way teams use conversational insights to power their business.

Josh Lowy, CEO and Co-Founder

Optimizing for Customer Success

Falkonry Logo
"With Hugo, Product and Engineering can work on customer solutions before we even get back to the office to debrief - a new level of speed for Falkonry"
Crick Waters, SVP Customer Success
Falkony is an AI company that helps customers improve the performance, throughput, quality and yield of their industrial operations. They do this by discovering patterns hidden in existing operational data and delivering actionable analytical insights to their customers.
Enable tighter response loops during implementation and trials for customers.

A highly technical product means that Sales, Customer Success, Operations and Engineering all play a coordinated role to ensure success with new customers. Hugo allows teams in the field to share requirements and feedback in real-time with everyone back in the office so they can respond faster.

Scaling a Global Business

"With a growing business, distributed teams are inevitable. Hugo ensures that our whole global team is on the same page with customer insights and business priorities"
Brad Lindenberg, Chief Strategy Officer
Rokt connects the world’s biggest brands and e-commerce sites with customers in a buying state of mind. Every month, Rokt opens the door to more than 100 million transactions and matches your messages with the right person to deliver 10x higher engagement than traditional digital advertising.
Automate information-sharing and team alignment across timezones.

With offices in the US, UK and Australia, it's tough for a 150+ person company to keep everyone aligned around the same set of priorities and goals for the business. Hugo eliminates knowledge silos without breaking any of the existing team processes. It also means that executives can be closer to customer needs across regions.

Creating the Right Startup Culture

Adzerk Logo
"Now that we have Hugo, I can't imagine not having this kind of visibility into customer conversations"
James Avery, CEO & Co-Founder
Adzerk is an ad-tech company that provides a suite of APIs allowing its customers to build their own ad server - in weeks not years. Their customers include Reddit, StackOverflow, Bittorrent, Yummly, Strava and many others. They serve over a billion impressions a month, over 25k requests a second, and are continuing to grow.
Break down information silos between customer-facing teams and the rest of the business.

As Adzerk has grown, they noticed that their sales, support and customer success teams had critical customer insights that product, marketing and engineering teams needed to access. With Hugo, the whole team saves their notes in Hugo, socializing insights across departments and triggering tasks using their Trello integration.

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