Connect meetings to team workflows for ultimate efficiency

Hugo is meeting note software that centralizes notes and connects insights to your team's apps

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Three steps to efficient, connected teams

A common platform for your team to save and share meeting insights, in real time
Sync your meetings
Sync your meetings
Share your agenda
Set your agenda
Share your agenda
Share your notes

Keep the team on the same page by sharing insights

Keep everyone on the same page, without them having to be in the room.

Post important notes to your team in Slack, or mention someone in a snippet to bring them up to speed. Hugo's connected notes means insights are now available to the whole business.
Research shows that only 25% of employees feel their company is good at sharing knowledge and 47% think meetings are a waste time.
Keep team on the same page via Slack

Connect meeting notes to the rest of your stack

Report a bug in Jira, create feature requests in Trello and update your CRM - directly from your notes.

Now you can close the gap between insight and action, with a direct connection between team meeting notes and workflow tools.
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Hugo integrates with more than 20 of your team's apps - see the full list.
Connect meeting notes to your stack

Centralize and secure your most precious knowledge

Have one place for meeting notes, related actions and trends as a source of customer, partner and product intelligence.

Connecting each of your notes to the right people, calendar events and actions means you can pickup right where you, or your teammates, left off.
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Notes stored against meeting attendees
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Meeting preparation with prior notes
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One place for everyone's insights
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Meeting trend data for each relationship
Centralize meeting knowledge

Create efficiencies from the right process

Increase collaboration, standardize meeting processes and track meeting time-spend by company or contact
Collaborative agendas

Collaborative agendas

Set a collaborative agenda for an upcoming meeting and share your agenda so attendees are on the same page
Custom templates

Custom templates

Collect the right insights and save time with meeting note templates - select from our library or customize for your team's needs
Meeting analytics

Meeting analytics

See reports on where you and your team spends their meeting time - with benchmarks and trends - and how that breaks down by contact or company

"Hugo is the secret to building an aligned, customer-centric team..."

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Freshworks is behind refreshingly-simple customer engagement software including Freshdesk, Freshsales, and Freshservice others. Their products power hundreds of thousands of teams globally.

With customer-centricity in their veins, the leadership team were looking for ways to connect their meetings with the data they store in the Freshworks customer suite. Enter Hugo.

Today, Hugo allows Freshworks teams to take meeting notes which are turned into business-wide knowledge, Freshdesk tickets and Freshsales activities, driving team alignment and project efficiencies.
Connect your team in seconds
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