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February 19, 2019

by Josh Lowy

Product updates

Inbox Rules

We have introduced a new feature to help you keep your Inbox clean and reduce irrelevant notifications. You can now build your own rules to hide meetings from your Inbox. Even better, notifications for those meetings will also be muted! This should provide a very extensible solution for you to take control over your Inbox, building rules based on the following triggers

  • Meeting type - if the event is all-day or recurring
  • Meeting title - if a meeting has a particular title
  • Attendance status - if you mark a meeting as accepted/rejected/maybe
  • Attendee count - number of people attending a meeting
  • Attendee email - email addresses of meeting attendees
  • Attendee type - if the attendees are internal or external

This feature has replaced an older one: auto-archive/auto-ignore recurring meetings. For those who use this feature, we have created Inbox rules for these meetings in your account. You can edit/delete them here as needed.

Benefits to rules vs auto-archive/delete

  • Recurring meetings are no longer a constraint, you can build rules for any type of meeting
  • Rules are at the user-level, so you can build rules to hide meetings from your Hugo Inbox without impacting other teammates

Agenda Diffs

When updates are made to an existing agenda, those changes will now be displayed to other teammates attending the meeting. When text is added/removed from the agenda relative to the previous version, Hugo will highlight those changes in the email notification

Revamped Support Center

We have increased our investment in support documentation for everyone. Visit support.hugo.team for everything from best practices when onboarding your team through to troubleshooting an integration setup. More documentation is scheduled each week, so if there is something missing that you would like to see please share your feedback here.

Bug fixes

  • Stability enhancements for note actions using third party apps
  • Enhancements to app caching so that it is now harder for your browser to store an outdated version of Hugo (which causes a lot of annoying conflict errors)
  • Fixed a bug related to hyperlink syntax
  • Fixed a bug that caused @mention chips to display incorrectly in note comments
  • Fixed a bug that prevented search terms from matching against the last name of a contact
  • Fixed a bug that prevented teams with >100 slack channels from seeing all of their channels in Hugo
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly rendered note lists after they were saved
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the latest agenda from being displayed after it was updated, unless you manually refreshed the page

January 22, 2019

by Josh Lowy

Product updates

Security enhancements

  • Your Data has been encrypted, when in transit, since day one. This means that when notes are sent from your device to Hugo, the content is protected against malicious interception.
  • Now your data is encrypted when at rest too. Meaning that even if our security is breached, bad actors will not be able to decipher personally identifiable information, along with the notes and associated data entered during the course using Hugo.

Performance improvements for 3rd-party integrations

  • When taking note actions such as creating a Jira ticket, syncing a note to Salesforce or assigning a task in Asana, we have made the following enhancements
  • If your account has a high volume of data and a third party is slow to return results (such as searching for a Jira project or Trello card), Hugo will notify you when search results are returned, or if no results are returned.
  • We have worked on speeding up the performance of searching for results from a 3rd party integration.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some note formatting was displayed differently after saving
  • Fixed a bug where hyperlinks were not able to be applied to text in a note
  • Fixed a bug where the Clear formatting button was not working properly
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