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Clients value your work based on the success of your meetings


The stakes for meetings are high. They impact how work gets done and what clients think of you


Yet agendas, notes, and actions are scattered across email, Google Docs, Slack, apps, and notebooks


Add clients into the mix and now meetings are fragmented between people, tools, and companies, too


Budgets and seniority also mean you can't always have the right people in the room

One place for account and team meeting notes. Project deliverables that don't slip.

Reminders, templates and agendas for easy prep and efficient meetings

Inefficient meetings mean less valuable, billable work. With notifications, templates, and real-time collaboration, Hugo improves meetings so you can focus on the work that matters.

Collaborative note taking, sharing and access

Collaborative agendas and meeting notes allows the team to prepare together, take notes together and follow up together. Maximize accountability and keep everyone on the same page, regardless of distance.

Integrate your meetings with your tools

Hugo works with the tools that power your business. Enable transparency by passing decisions and tasks to the systems designed to record them.

Meeting notes are centralized and shared so you attend less meetings

Hugo shares and centralizes notes so you don’t have to go to every meeting. Through Hugo and your connected apps, save time and still be in the know.
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Whether it’s a client meeting or internal one, everyone knows what happened, and what needs to happen next. And because we run our agency on Slack and Google, Hugo is a natural fit.
Lana McGilvray
Purpose Worldwide
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Meeting templates for agencies

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