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As a leader, meetings come with the job


You live in meetings, but many lack structure


You need to stay caught up on what’s happening, yet preferably not go to every meeting


Meetings that are a waste of time hurt employee productivity and satisfaction


Notes, decisions and tasks from meetings are scattered. Employee turnover means institutional knowledge is lost.

Meetings don’t have to get in the way of real work

Reminders, templates and agendas to instill best practice

Get notifications to set an agenda. Prepare with best-practice templates or your own. Collaborate on shared agendas and sync with your calendar. Hugo improves your team’s meeting habits without being heavy-handed.

Meeting notes are centralized and shared so you attend less meetings

Hugo shares and centralizes notes so you don’t have to go to every meeting. Through Hugo and your connected apps, save time and still be in the know.

Collaborative note taking, sharing and access

Collaborative agendas and meeting notes allows the team to prepare together, take notes together and follow up together. Then, in one click share relevant notes with other attendees. Everyone feels like they were in the room, regardless of distance.

Integrate your notes with all of your team's tools

Connect your meeting notes, takeaways and tasks to the 20+ tools your team uses everyday. Make sure nothing falls between the cracks by passing decisions and tasks to your CRM, project tools, and more.

Search, filter and find information in seconds

All meetings, notes and tasks are searchable based on who was there, what company they’re at, what team they’re on, and more. Save time with one organized place for meetings.
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(free for up to 10 users)
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Our meetings are shorter, more effective and much more actionable. Now, nothing falls through the cracks before, during and after a meeting. We've never seen our team so productive!
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