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In a meeting-driven world, preparation and alignment is critical


Back to back meetings make it hard to prepare for meetings and action takeaways


Not enough customer insights are shared across the organization


Important details are lost with account handoffs and new hires, which often can lead to lost deals and customer churn


Notes, decisions, and tasks are scattered between everyone’s tools, hard drives, and notebooks

Customer meetings that are centralized and actionable

Reminders, templates and agendas for easy prep

Get notifications to set an agenda. Prepare with best-practice templates or your own. Collaborate on shared agendas and sync with your calendar.

Share tasks and takeaways with your customers and teammates

Share relevant notes and tasks with your customers and your team. Real-time collaboration and a shared understanding of next steps ensures more deals closed and greater customer success.

Integrate your notes with ticketing tools and your CRM

Stop copying and pasting after every meeting. Hugo’s integrations pass your meeting notes, takeaways and tasks to the tools you use every day.

Secure your most precious customer data

Keep important details safe. Your data is encrypted during transit and storage. Information is private, accessible only by you (or your team or customer with your permission).
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Hugo is how we prepare, take notes, and action takeaways for every customer and team meeting. We walk in effortlessly prepared, our CRM and other apps are always up to date, and handovers and customer collaboration is a breeze. 
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