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Connected Meeting Notes

for better customer meetings

Centralized, searchable notes that can be shared with your customers.

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Hugo integrates beautifully with 20+ leading tools

Customer meetings should drive action,
not disappear into docs

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Collaboration should be easy

— but meeting workflows break down when you can’t share a single source of truth . . .

So you meet, but nothing gets recorded and your time is wasted

Hours of discussion and yet only a fraction of things get decided, assigned and done . . .

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Everyone uses their own tools for capturing notes and actions

So you end up with fragmented docs and things falling through the cracks . . .

Hugo is the solution to better meetings with your colleagues and with your customers

Great teams trust Hugo

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Hugo. Connected Meeting Notes.

See exactly how Hugo works.

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Create a shared Space with each customer

Collaborate ahead of time with shared agendas

Share your agenda with attendees so they can contribute in advance. Every meeting starts with everyone aligned.

Notes and actions are shared in real-time

‘Google Docs style’ note-taking during the meeting, with the ability to share notes via Slack or email. Turn actions into Asana tasks, Trello cards, CRM updates and many more.

A shared space between you and your customer

Notes are organized by the people and companies in the meeting, making past decisions centralized and searchable for everyone involved.
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Break down the walls of your business

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