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Frequently asked questions

How do I start using Hugo?

Hugo couldn't be easier to get setup. In just a few clicks and less than one minute you're up and running! Simply, click the Google or Office link above, login with your work email address and follow the Hugo prompts to setup your team. From there, Hugo will automatically prompt you to write meeting notes for meetings. Don't forget to invite your teammates, connect your favorite apps and get ready for the power of collective meeting intelligence.

What are the main benefits of Hugo?

Siloed sharing of meeting insights leads to uninformed decisions and latency for those not in the room. Actively sharing meeting insights informs your team and the work that they do, leading to business alignment and autonomy throughout the organization. Hugo gives your team a meeting note tool from which they can take notes which are shareable and actionable with the rest of the business. Your business also gets the benefit of centralized, secure meeting knowledge which is easily accessible, searchable and available for the rest of the team.

Does Hugo replace software we're using today?

Yes and no. The value of Hugo is that it connects all the tools your team is already using to meeting process. For meeting notes, Hugo will beat your generic, personal note-taking tool or notebook and will complement department-specific solutions like your CRM. Hugo is better at ensuring meeting information breaks through departmental silos and that the information actually gets actioned - right in the apps used by different departments in your business.

Is my data safe in Hugo?

Yes! Your proprietary knowledge is safe with Hugo. We invest heavily in state of the art security and privacy infrastructure, ensuring that your data is behind firewalls, encrypted and only accessible to your team (and members of your team based on the permissions you set). We are launching a security center soon that will provide more detail of how we handle your data. Check back soon for more information!

Why does Hugo ask for permissions to access and edit my calendar data?

The value of Hugo is that your meeting notes are linked to your meetings and the people and companies that attend them! That means we notify you at just the right time and make sure you and your team can find the right insights. We also allow you to share meeting agendas in the calendar description of your calendar events, so everyone is prepared and on the same page. To achieve this, we need access to your calendar data using the Google and Microsoft APIs. Unfortunately the permissions they give us are sometimes described widely (you may notice a right to delete calendars for example). Rest assured, we only read your calendar data and add to event descriptions if you expressly select that. We will never remove, edit or write anything else to your calendar.

How much does Hugo cost?

Hugo is totally free for teams of up to five. Learn more about our pricing for larger teams here.

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