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Executive Weekly Team Meeting

Coordinate on priorities. Find efficiencies. Stay aligned. Use this proven agenda template.
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Executive Weekly Team Meeting
,  Wednesday, August 18
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Review Metrics/KPIs

Track progress on metrics, goals vs. actual. Where are we off from the plan? Why?


  • What’s going on in the company?
  • What’s going on with the customers?
  • What’s going on in the market?


Keep everyone up to date, look for efficiencies, and help each other get unblocked.


  • Recent wins

  • Current priorities

  • Anything you are stuck on?


  • Recent wins

  • Current priorities

  • Anything you are stuck on?

Deep dive

Before the meeting, select a project or area of the business to do a deep dive into. Have someone give a presentation on that area.

Messages to share with the team

Is there anything to be communicated to the entire company?

Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

How to use this template

Your weekly leadership meeting is one of your company’s most important meetings. It brings together many people whose time is short on supply and highly valuable. Use this executive weekly meeting template to make sure that this time is not wasted.

The meeting begins with a review of key performance metrics, and an opportunity to discuss the company, customers, and market. This, in itself, can be a very productive part of the meeting, where essential insights get revealed and discussed.

After reviewing metrics and insights is time for a roundtable discussion. But one thing you will notice about this sample agenda is that it is very light on updates. Each executive is asked to share wins, outline priorities, and note where they are blocked. All of this should be outlined in simple bullet points before the meeting even starts so that when everyone is together, more time can be spent on more important discussions and decisions.

Illustration for templates
Illustration of silos

If there is time, each executive meeting should have a brief deep dive into one challenge or team area. You have some of the best minds in your organization together as a group. Why not use that critical mass of experience and intellect? Have a different person prepare this deep dive session for each meeting, focusing on an area where input from others may be productive.

As you end your leadership meeting, think back through what has been discussed so far. Does anything warrant being shared with the broader team? Note what it is, who will share that information, and how. It might be added to the agenda of your next All Hands meeting. A simple email may suffice. Whatever it is, make sure someone is responsible.

Likewise, all next steps that come up during the meeting should be noted in the section at the end of the sample agenda.

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