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Informal Meeting Minutes

An informal template for taking meeting minutes at most meetings
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Discussion Topics


Decisions / Motions

Action Items



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Informal Meeting Minutes

In informal cases, “meeting minutes” may seem like a fancy way of saying “meeting notes.” The use of minutes vs notes may just be a matter of expression of the person you’re talking with. Nevertheless, even informal meeting minutes should still have certain information includes, however informal they are.

Whereas more formal minutes have areas for a Call to Order and Adjournment, those procedural steps are removed from this minutes template. What remains still, though, are areas for attendance, discussion, and decisions.

For informal meetings, decisions are probably not going to be made by a formal process of making a motion, seconding that motion, and so forth. So, for this template, you may want to delete out the word "Motions" if it doesn't apply.

Of course, always note all action items in your minutes, along with who is responsible for carrying the action item out.

The section for announcements is at the end of this template. You may want to move this earlier in your meeting, depending on what types of announcements you have. For some meetings, announcements is a high note to end on, which is why it's at the end of this informal meeting minutes template. You may want to kick off your meeting with announcements for the same reason—a high note to start the meeting with.

Informal Meeting Minutes

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