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Campaign Kick-Off Meeting

Infuse new marketing initiatives with momentum using this meeting agenda template.
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Campaign Kick-Off Meeting
,  Wednesday, August 18
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Campaign Name:


Helpful Links:


What are the goals of this campaign?

  • Review or decide on campaign goals. 
  • Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

Audience & Value Proposition

Quick reminder of who the target audience is for the campaign and what the core value proposition is

Major tasks and timeline

  • Make sure every part of the campaign has an owner and timeline

Decisions that need to be made

  • What decisions need to be made? (Name)
  • List topics for discussion/decision here, specifically noting what needs to be decided

Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

How to use this template

Is it time to get to work and launch your next marketing campaign? A successful kick-off meeting gets everyone on the same page about the campaign’s purpose and makes sure everyone is ready to get to work.

Every well-planned marketing initiative is rooted in a solid understanding of the audience, message, and goal for the campaign. That’s why this meeting agenda template has matter a brief portion, in the beginning, to cover these ideas and make sure the team is aligned on what this campaign is all about.

From there, your agenda takes you to an overview of the most important tasks involved in the campaign. Here, review the general timeline for when everything needs to get done. At least for all immediate needs, you can designate who is responsible for what.

Illustration for templates
Illustration of silos

Assigning ownership to major parts of the campaign should help you reveal any decisions that need to be made. While you don’t have to decide everything in a single meeting, you should make sure that any decisions that are blocking people’s work are handled.

And you’re done! Make sure any next steps that came up during the meeting are logged in your notes, assigned, and given due dates. And end on a high note! Commit to the work ahead.

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