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Monthly Management Meeting

Engage and re-focus your leaders with this business meeting agenda sample template
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Review Metrics/KPIs

Track progress on metrics, goals vs. actual. Where are we off from the plan? Why?

Company Update

Share key updates and provide a “State of the Union.”

Department/Team Lead Roundtable

Keep everyone up to date, look for efficiencies, and help each other get unblocked.


Recent wins

Current priorities

Anything you are stuck on?


Recent wins

Current priorities

Anything you are stuck on?

Professional Development (Optional)

Improve your long-term business results through an interactive learning or team-building experience.

Problem-Solving Session

Chose one challenge or area of priority.

  • Presentation on the challenge
  • Open discussion to better understand the challenge and find solutions
  • Assign next steps

Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE


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Monthly Management Meeting

This agenda example is a variation on our other management meeting templates that is calibrated to a monthly level of focus (rather than weekly or quarterly).

As with all good management meetings, begin by reviewing your key metrics to set the stage for the discussion. Then proceed to share critical updates. Usually, here, the CEO or department leader will provide a “State of the Union” type of update that covers all of the big picture happenings within the company.

The roundtable that follows is an opportunity for each manager to give their own updates, providing more detail and context to themes that may have been discussed in the company update previously. This is also a chance to ask other managers for help in solving challenges or unblocking your work.

Monthly Management Meeting

Your monthly management meeting is also an opportunity for personal development, whether that be by doing a skill-building or team-building exercise. In some companies, managers are the least likely to take advantage of such opportunities, so by baking this into your monthly management meetings, you ensure all managers continue to develop their skills and grow as a team.

Another optional part of this sample meeting agenda is the problem-solving session, where the team takes a deep dive into one particular issue. Some teams will naturally do this during the roundtable discussion, and a separate agenda item for problem-solving isn’t necessary.

For any tasks or action items that come up during the meeting, note them at the bottom of this sample agenda under “Next Steps,” along with who is responsible and a due date if you have one.

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