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Partnership Check-in

Use this Zapier template to help you progress and stay aligned with your partners
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Key points to cover/know going in

  • List out the most important information you need to know before entering the meeting (i.e. they're considering a competitor, we're making a major update to the integration, new key hire, etc.)


  • Introductions
  • Mutual Progress and Roadmap Updates

May want to include company level updates that may be interesting/spur ideas or a product/service overview if appropriate

  • Integration Discussion

Product focused discussion on current or prospective integration

  • Go To Market Discussion

Co-marketing, how can we promote the partnership and/or how have promotions fared

  • Open Q&A

List your questions and any they may have had from prior convos


Raw notes go here before you consolidate in to bullet points

Next Steps

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How to use this template for your next

Partnership Check-in

Whether you're exploring new strategic collaborations or deepening existing relationships, our adaptable partnership check-in template can help you stay aligned and progress in the right direction.

Use this partnership check-in template to give you a clear perspective on the common objectives for the partnership meeting. It will enable you to establish expectations and be able to understand one another's unique strong points and needs, helping to strengthen the partnership. In turn, this lets you organize and prioritize the steps needed to achieve your goals together.

Partnership Check-in

About the author

Nick Valluri

Nick Valluri

Nick is a strategic alliances manager at Zapier. Prior to Zapier, Nick held roles at Google, Box, and Huddler. Nick graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts, Economics.

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