Team Retrospective


Atlassian’s playbook template for running retrospective meetings.

Team Retrospective
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Wednesday, August 17, 11.00am - 11.30am

What went well?

List out what the team thought went well over the past month and why. Aim for 2 items per person.

What needs improvement?
List out what the team thought needs improvement based on the prior month, and why. Aim for 2 items per person.

Next steps / takeaways

Agree next steps to execute on the items that need improvement and double down on what's working well. Make sure each takeaway is immediately actionable and measurable.

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How to use this template

Looking backwards on occasion can be a powerful force for moving forward, faster.

Holding a regular retrospective meeting is a very effective way to collect insights and learnings from the past and turn them into actions to support the future.

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