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Why we're tackling meetings — one of the thorniest aspects of teamwork

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When people come together, decisions get made. Knowledge is shared. Amazing breakthroughs can happen.

But when meetings are bad, they create frustration, stress, and boredom in a way that has no rival.

What happens in meetings sets the stage for everything else at work.

Research shows that meetings have a huge impact, not just on productivity, but on culture, morale, even inclusiveness. This one activity may be the single-most important activity at your business.

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Our Story

Meet the efficiency-obsessed product manager who teamed up with the attorney who hates meetings.

Josh and Darren are two Australian-native co-founders who started Hugo with a simple question: Why has technology improved so much about work, but done so little to improve meetings?

Fast forward a few epiphanies, and it became clear that meeting notes were about more than jotting things down. With Hugo, we've discovered ways to become deeply aligned, incredibly customer-centric, and 10x more efficient — simply by centralizing meeting notes, sharing them, and integrating them our tech stack.
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Today, Hugo is the leader in meeting notes, powering meetings for thousands of teams across 100+ countries.

Proudly backed by leading investors

Hugo's investors include Google's early-stage fund and Slack's investment arm.

The Hugo Difference

Hugo is the only meeting notes solution centered around your calendar, where meetings originate. We’re purpose-built for meeting notes specifically, unlike cumbersome CRMs or disorganized scratchpads like Google Docs.

Plus, Hugo connects with the software you use every day. Keep your tech stack the way it is. But when you meet, take notes and delegate tasks from a centralized system that works with everything else.
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Help us enable the future of meetings

We’re a user-obsessed, decentralized team. We value candor, embrace remote culture, and use the best technology. Join us and help solve one of the most significant challenges for modern teams.

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