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About Hugo

Our mission is to connect the way we meet to the way we work.

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Tackling meeting culture — one of the most thorny aspects of teamwork

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Because meetings are the linchpin of all work

When people come together, amazing breakthroughs happen. Decisions get made. Knowledge is shared.

But when meetings are bad, they can become a source of frustration and stress that has no rival — and that’s a serious problem.
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We’re redefining the future of team collaboration

If you're in a meeting and good ideas aren’t written down, the insight can be lost. If someone shares a task that never gets assigned, it becomes work that doesn't get done.

All of this is avoidable.

Teams work best when they are connected — and that applies as much to how people communicate and preserve information as it does to what technologies they use.

Proudly backed by leading investors

Some of the investors who share our vision for the future of meetings

Shaping the conversation on teamwork at industry-leading events

We’re sharing everything we know about the best ways to work.

Hugo breaks down the walls of the meeting room

Those with the loudest voices often have the greatest influence on decisions. But to win in today’s constantly evolving market, it’s more important the best ideas win than the loudest.

That’s why Hugo decentralizes influence by making meeting notes shareable and actionable across your entire business.
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Tools unfit for the job

Replacing tools unfit for the job

Hugo is the only meeting notes solution centered on your calendar, where meetings originate. We’re purpose-built for meeting notes specifically, unlike cumbersome CRMs or disorganized scratchpads like Google Docs.

Plus, Hugo connects with the software you use every day. Keep your tech stack the way it is. But when you meet, take notes and delegate tasks from a centralized system that works with everything else.

Careers at Hugo

We’re a decentralized team that values candor & transparency, embraces remote culture, and uses the best technologies.
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