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Transform past lessons into plans for the future with this retrospective template
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Quick Review

Summarize all notable events since the last retrospective. Share updates on initiatives, key metrics, and anecdotes. Compare the current timeline and deliverables with what was originally planned.

Positive Highlights

What went well? Were any special milestones accomplished? Let each team member contribute.

Reflect on Roadblocks

What went wrong? Did any unforeseen obstacles arise? Identify the root cause of each one. Allow each team member to contribute. And remember, this isn't a blame game—focus on continuous improvement.

Room for Improvement

What were the main lessons from the roadblocks discussed? How can we solve each issue and improve?

Other Important Feedback

Summarize any other valuable discussion points. It does not have to be directly related to the retrospective's main topic.

Main Takeaways

What were the main insights from this retrospective meeting? Include key decisions, plans, and any opportunities or concerns that should be shared with key stakeholders.

Take Action

Clarify next steps, who's completing them, how we will measure them, and when they should be done by. Note this information here to share and assign.


How will we keep in touch and stay up-to-date about progress? When is the next retrospective?

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A time for reflection can be a powerful force to move forward faster and better. Holding regular retrospective meetings is one of the most effective ways to transform lessons from the past into plans for a brighter future. Use this retrospective template to capture invaluable insights, generate meaningful ideas, and move your team in the right direction.

Continuous improvement is the name of the game when it comes to retrospectives. This meeting note template lets you tap into the profound potential of these sessions by forming a blueprint for better teamwork through three main components:


Agile product teams made retrospective meetings popular, but anyone can benefit from them. Whether you're running a retrospective for project, service, or leadership teams, this outline can be easily modified to fit your unique approach. Tailor it to keep your sessions simple, stay focused, and capture the fresh feedback that matters most.


Cultivating an open, honest atmosphere is crucial to figuring out what's been working well and what needs work. Streamline trust through transparency by opening up this retrospective template to your team. With sharing and centralization capabilities, your team can contribute key discussion points before the meeting and stay aligned on the main takeaways afterward.


Staying action-oriented is essential for making true progress. This meeting note template can connect to your organization's favorite workflow tools and transform any of your notes into assignable actions with a few clicks. So your team can stay aligned and tackle the work in an environment that works best for them.

It's important to take a step back once in a while to see the best way to move forward. Drive positive change in your project, team, and organization with this retrospective template.

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