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Basic Meeting Minutes

The simplest, most-basic meeting minutes template we could imagine
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  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three

Next Steps

  •  @name task by Due-Date

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Research: Meeting Practices, Productivity, and Team Culture
Research: Meeting Practices, Productivity, and Team Culture
How to build a happier, more productive team through better meeting processes

How to use this template for your next

Basic Meeting Minutes

When using the basic meeting minutes template, simply list out the meeting agenda as bullet points. Then, as the meeting takes place, it's up to you whether you add additional bullet points next to each agenda item with a summary of what was discussed or decided.

Really, this template is so basic, all you're supposed to do is 1) Save your agenda, and 2) Record any next steps or action items when the meeting happens.

If possible, always assign action items to a specific person (some call this person a Directly Responsible Individual), and note due-dates if you know them.

However, just because the template is basic, doesn't mean your meeting has to be! For tips on running great meetings, consider checking out our short eBook Vital Meetings: Shorter, Fewer, Better.

Basic Meeting Minutes

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