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Kick-Off Meeting

An agenda template for the first meeting with a project team or client.
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  • Ensure everyone knows one another
  • Set the tone with a light icebreaker

Background Information

  • Explain what created a need for this project
  • Share historical information that provides important context
  • Provide any other relevant information about clients, previous projects, etc.

Project Goals

  • Review or decide on high-level goals and project scope
  • Define how success will be measured

Major Tasks and Timeline

  • How long should the project take, including major milestones?
  • Identify which people and teams will be responsible for what tasks
  • Ensure everyone understands their roles and deliverables


  • Clearly explain how communication about the project will happen
  • Exchange contact information between everyone involved
  • Provide any needed explanations on the project tracking system to be used
  • Agree on reporting methods

Potential Challenges & Assets

  • What hurdles may we encounter?
  • How can we overcome them?


  • Open the floor to questions

Next Steps

  • Who is doing what to get the project started?

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Kick-Off Meeting

A kickoff meeting is a chance for the whole team to get started on the right foot. It's a way to guide a project to success from the very start.

Kickoff meetings not only capture the vision and goals of the project. A kickoff meeting can also be a place to break the ice, test the waters and forge relationships with other team members.

It also allows you to kick off an action plan for the meeting and follow up to make sure the project is moving forward as planned.

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