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HR Performance Improvement Plan

Sample meeting agenda for discussing corrective action with a struggling employee
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Alignment - State the Problem

Describe the performance deficiencies.

Improvement Plan 

Review the predefined improvement plan. (Optional: Solicit feedback) 


What resources (if any) are needed to put this plan into action? Identify resources.

Evaluation Process & Timeline

How will we evaluate progress on the PIP? Define timelines and procedures.

Setting Expectations

Explain potential outcomes and consequences of accomplishing (or failing to achieve) the goals set out by the PIP.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Time for clarifying questions. Ensure everything is clear.

Action items:


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HR Performance Improvement Plan

The performance improvement plan (PIP) meeting isn’t going to be your most fun meeting. But you can make sure you maximize this meeting with the right structure using this template. 

The PIP is invaluable in helping ensure that your company is following the right processes and communicating corrective action to struggling employees. If it turns out that the employee needs to be let go, a properly executed PIP is a critical protection against liability. But more than that, the PIP can turn an underperforming employee into a valuable contributor. 

Moreover, the PIP meeting is key to ensure the plan and the organization’s expectations are clearly communicated to the employee. This meeting can also help create a more collaborative approach to the PIP because it allows you to solicit feedback on the plan.

HR Performance Improvement Plan

To that end, we’ve created this flexible agenda template to help structure performance improvement plan meetings. That said, nothing’s set in stone and you should feel free to evolve this agenda to meet your needs. 

For example, you don’t have to allow space for feedback from the employee if that doesn’t make sense for your scenario. Wherever you land, though, it’s important to establish a structure that encourages strong communication and leaves no room for confusion. Including space for clarifying questions or comments is a great way to ensure the employee understands expectations. 

And because this template integrates with popular project management software, it’s that much easier to turn action items into tasks or projects.

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