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Monthly Coaching Call

Monthly update on coaching tasks, metrics, and upcoming priorities
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Update on Coaching Tasks

What’s still open and what’s completed?

  • Department Development
  • Manager Development
  • Agent Development

Your Current Goals and Projects

  • Department Goals
  • Department Projects
  • Company Goals

30 Day Trend Report

Call out the story in the data: What is the customer effort/agent effort?

  • KPI Review
  • Team > Efficiency
  • Reason for Contact > Deflection
  • Macros > Reason for Contact

Insights Action Items

What did we learn that we can act on today?

Upcoming Focus

How are we contributing to our quarterly goals?

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10X Culture
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Monthly Coaching Call

Coaching calls should provide an update on tasks, metrics, and upcoming priorities. As a Senior Support Coach at Boostopia, Crisi Silva conducts dozens of monthly coaching calls and has condensed her learnings into a great template for anyone to get started with.

Monthly Coaching Call

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Cristi Silva

Cristi Silva

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