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Customer Feedback

Feedback helps you reach true customer success. Drive your product in the right direction with this customer feedback template.
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Customer Feedback
,  Wednesday, August 17 (note)
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Quick Review

What does the customer use our product for? What challenges does it solve?

Session Objective

What is the purpose of this meeting? Do you want to focus on certain aspects of the product?

General Product Performance

From 1-5, how well does our product suit the customer's needs?

Favorite Benefits

What are the customer's favorite features and benefits at the moment?

Room for Improvement

How can we make the customer's experience better? How would the customer change our product?

Feature Requests

Did the customer have any feature requests? Turn this list into tickets for the appropriate teams right from here.


Did the customer mention any product bugs, errors, or issues? Share these with the appropriate teams right from here.

Key Takeaways

In 3 bullet points or less, what were your main insights from this customer feedback session?

How to use this template

Every great product-focused team is a customer-focused team. And customer feedback is their fuel for unmatched insights, new ideas, and overall improvement. Utilize our customer feedback template to revolutionize your user experience and catalyze customer success.

Feedback can make your customer relationship management more robust, increase retention, and drive your business toward a brighter future. With our meeting note template, you can tap into these advantages and make every customer interaction more meaningful through the following steps:

  1. Nail down specific pain points and strengths by streamlining specific insights
  2. Share feedback so your team can better understand the customer's perspective
  3. Transform insight into action

Whether you're a customer support member, part of the UX research team, or a product manager, this customizable meeting note template is designed to distill value from every customer conversation. Personalize it to capture the feedback that matters most.

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Sharing is caring. Nothing demonstrates this more than letting your entire team see things from your client's point of view. Our customer feedback template allows you to centralize and share the invaluable insights you've gathered with your team so you can implement opportunities for growth together.

Last but not least, information is nothing without action. Improve your product faster by turning feature requests and bugs straight into tickets right from this customer feedback template.

When used correctly, customer feedback is a vehicle to reach true customer success. Drive your business and product in the right direction with this meeting note template.

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