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Client Check-In

Better understand your clients' needs and the value you can provide to them
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Customer — What's new?

Anything to report that we should know?


Here's where we're at.


What new topics need to be discussed?

Customer Questions

Any concerns, questions, or roadblocks?

Next Steps

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Client Check-In

Customer relationship management is the engine that drives your business forward. Gain an unparalleled understanding of your clients' needs and the value you can provide them with our customer check-in template.

Increasing retention and strengthening customer relationships depend on how you conduct customer check-ins. This meeting note template is designed to distill valuable insights from every customer conversation through the following steps:

  1. Simplifying the gathering of all relevant information
  2. Becoming the input for follow-up client meetings and actions
  3. Sharing this information with your team so they can better serve your customer

Our customer check-in template is ideal for teams of all sizes, from individual sales reps paying a visit to a client's office, to small startups getting their customer success team off the ground, to enterprises revamping their customer relationship management to be more robust.

Client Check-In

True customer success is only achieved when you understand and prioritize the customer's needs. This meeting note template is customizable so you can easily tailor it to elucidate your customer's pain points. In turn, this lets your team pinpoint solutions faster.

With this outline, you can organize and share insights seamlessly, allowing your team members to gain a holistic overview of your customer relationships so they can identify and implement opportunities for growth and improvement.

When used correctly, this customer check-in template can become the blueprint you need to build a better future for your customers and your business.

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