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Sales Meeting Agenda

With this team meeting agenda template, transform your weekly sales catch-ups into better insights
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General Review

Share updates on overall progress, key metrics, and anecdotes to give your team an up-to-date understanding of current initiatives.

Individual Reports

Let each team member provide a quick update of deal statuses, outreach progress, and other endeavors since the last sales meeting. Note any key information here.

Positive Highlights

Acknowledge big wins and milestones accomplished since the last meeting. What valuable lessons were learned?

Roadblocks & Concerns

Have any issues or challenges come up since the last team catch-up? How can we help solve them?

New Information

Cover any new information the team should be aware of. This includes company announcements, industry news, and any unforeseen developments.

Education & Resources

Are there any new metrics, trends, customer feedback, or market influences we should be aware of? Are there any resources that would help the team understand these concepts better?

Other Important Notes

Was any other valuable information shared? It does not have to be directly related to the meeting topic. Summarize these discussion points here.

Main Takeaways

What were the main insights from this sales meeting? Include key decisions made, progress reports, and any opportunities or issues that should be shared.

Take Action

What are the upcoming objectives for the entire team as well as each individual? Clarify next steps, who's completing them, and when they should be done by. Note this information here to share and assign.


How will we keep in touch and stay up-to-date about progress? Should we schedule another meeting?

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Sales Meeting Agenda

Sales meetings are essential to the success of any business. But countless companies squander them, resulting in the loss of precious time and resources. Keep your team's eyes on the prize; help them be more productive and achieve unprecedented close rates with our sales meeting template.

Tap into the true potential of your weekly sales catch-ups with this powerful meeting note template. It allows you to optimize the value of these meetings through the following advantages:

  • Adaptability to fit your agenda
  • Alignment to keep attendee count lean
  • Action to catalyze collaboration

Versatility is a necessity for dealing with the everchanging dynamics that are part and parcel of sales. We've structured this meeting note template to be flexible so you can easily tailor it to your agenda. Whether you want to focus on CRM usage, opportunities and threats, or performance trends, you can customize this outline to efficiently capture new insights and decisions made.

Once you've set your agenda in this sales meeting template, share it. This enables your entire team to be aligned on what's going to be discussed. It also allows you to understand who should be present and who can concentrate on other endeavors. After the meeting, your team (even those not in the room) can use this template as a reference to get on the same page about current initiatives.

When the meeting is over and the insights have been shared, it's time for action. With seamless integration capabilities, this sales team meeting template lets you cultivate quicker, more meaningful collaboration. Highlight any notes and transform them into actionable, assignable steps in your team's favorite workflow tools with only a few clicks.

With this meeting note template, your sales team can say goodbye to pointless catchups and say hello to higher close rates.

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