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Sales Stand-Up

A meeting template for effective sales stand-ups.
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Sales Stand-Up
,  Wednesday, August 17 (note)
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Team, Product, and/or Company Updates

Create urgency; remind team of upcoming due dates and sales deadlines. 

Announce product changes. Welcome new team members. Provide other updates relevant to the day-to-day (i.e. company holidays, policy changes, staff vacations, etc.)


Review one to two potential sales, system or process improvements (i.e. maximizing sales tools, writing great emails, etc.)

Celebrate Small Wins

Provide an update on who has been hitting their numbers. Recognize top performers.


Share thought-provoking insights, quotes, or other motivational content. Get the team thinking high-level.


What will you take away from this meeting into your day? Open the floor for reps to share their takeaways for the day’s stand up. 



Action items:


How to use this template

Generally, you’ll use the sales stand-up to set the tone for the day with a quick huddle. So it’s best to put this agenda to use at the beginning of the day before prime selling hours begin. Plus, scheduling this meeting first thing in the morning gives your team an extra incentive to show up on time since they know they’ll be held accountable. Everybody benefits from adding a bit of structure to their day.

Still, as valuable as it is, this meeting is best kept short and snappy (just like this agenda template). You don’t want to drone on and sap your team’s energy before the day has even started. And of course, you want to avoid cutting into prime selling hours.

You can also adapt this same framework for a weekly sales stand-up meeting.

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Sales stand-ups, like any other meeting, work best when they’re tailored to your team. So we encourage you to use this template as a baseline and tweak it until it becomes a true extension of your daily stand-ups. That said, every daily stand-up must contain some iteration of the four ingredients that underpin this template. Those ingredients are information, education, recognition, and motivation. 

Put another way, sales stand-ups must inform, educate, recognize, and motivate your team. If they’re not accomplishing all four of these goals, it’s time to revisit how you’re structuring your meeting agendas.

As you dial this meeting template in for your team, remember that you can easily integrate it with all of your favorite sales and collaboration tools to make your stand-ups that much more actionable and productive.

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