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One-on-One: Sales Leader and SDR

Guide your SDRs to drive success for your whole sales team
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Kickoff question

Start with an open-ended question. How was last week? What’s been working well for you lately? 

Celebrate Wins

What have we accomplished since our last meeting? Note progress on important accounts or sales targets.

Problem Solving

Are you facing any specific problems? How can we solve them? What support do you need? Problem-solve specific situations and create action items.

Evaluate and Provide Feedback

How are we doing? Are we headed in the right direction? How can we (SDR and/or Sales Leader) be better? 

Personal and Professional Growth

Are we supporting your personal and professional goals? If not, how can we? 

Open Floor

Provide time for open discussion. Is there anything else you want to talk about? 


How will we keep in touch and stay up-to-date about progress? Should we schedule another one-on-one?


Action Items:

Other Notes:

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One-on-One: Sales Leader and SDR

For sales leaders and SDR’s alike, one-on-ones can (and should) be a vital tool. At their best, they help you build trust and rapport, learn about your SDRs strengths and weakness, keep them focused, and guide their professional development. 

Of course, they can also be complete duds, wasting your time and eroding trust. To avoid the duds and run an efficient one-on-one with your reps, this meeting agenda template for SDRs and sales leaders keeps your meeting focused and actionable from start to finish.

Too often, these important meetings aren’t maximized the way they should be. Generally, this is a result of a lack of structure and no action items. But this meeting template solves all that by providing a clear path towards starting the conversation, keeping SDRs motivated, solving problems, encouraging professional growth, and laying out action items.

One-on-One: Sales Leader and SDR

Of course, as you and your direct reports’ needs changed, your agenda should too. That’s why this agenda was created with growth in mind. So revisit it as time goes on and make improvements where you see fit. With this template as the basis for your one-on-ones, you set the stage for continuous improvement… for your SDRs and your meetings themselves.

This meeting template also goes a step further because it integrates with your favorite project management and sales software. That way, you can turn the words in this outline into assignable action items. After that, all that’s left is for your SDRs and you to keep growing the business using insights gleaned from this one-on-one agenda template.

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