Template by:
Joanne Mika Hayashi
President and Co-Founder
Breast Cancer Hawaii
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Checking in on recent wins, current obstacles, and upcoming priorities
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⭐ Checking in

What's new in your world?

🎉 Recent Wins

I'm feeling good about...

🚧 Current Obstacles

I'm stuck on...

📍Other Topics

Include any additional discussion items

🗓️ Next 2 Weeks

I'm committing to...

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One-on-ones are crucial for maintaining relationships and keeping alignment with team members. The prototypical one-on-one meeting checks in on recent wins, addresses current obstacles, and reviews upcoming priorities.

Joanne Mika Hayashi knows this well, as she runs frequent one-on-ones at Breast Cancer Hawaii. This template from Joanne and her team is a great place to get started.

If you like Joanne's approach, but want to modify it, check out this resource of 300+ example one-on-one questions that you may want to incorporate into your own meetings.


About the author

Joanne Mika Hayashi

Joanne Mika Hayashi

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