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One-on-One Sync

Sync on critical items, review tasks in progress, and celebrate wins
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⚠️ Cover first

Jot any items deemed urgent, critical & or need to be addressed/discussed asap rocky (outstanding items, system bugs, etc.)

📣 Trello updates  

  • Update #1
  • Update #2
  • Update #3

💬 Notes: Insert any additional notes on the above updates

🏆 Lil' Wins

Share a small/big win or TIL moment that we've recently had (ex. Feedback, unknown functionality, etc — literally anything to rejuvenate us)

Person #1:

Person #2:

⛔️ Action Items:

Add a task on the right to log each action item, then push directly to the Trello board

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10X Culture
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One-on-One Sync

One-on-ones at Roadster aim to achieve a number of different goals from syncing on outstanding projects to taking a second for celebrating wins among the team.

Use this template from Angelique Nurse, Business Operations Manager at Roadster to level up your one-on-ones and achieve similar results.

One-on-One Sync

About the author

Angelique Nurse

Angelique Nurse

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